Duet – a Second Life sim for Photography

Welcome to Duet in Second Life!

The Duet sim opened in April 2015. It is a Second Life island and is open to anyone who chooses to visit. It is a moderate sim and we expect visitors to behave accordingly! We also ask visitors to treat others with respect and consideration so that everyone will enjoy the island.


The Duet sim offers visitors a wide variety of locations created with photo-shoots in mind. There is a brand new pose area with lots of pose props as well as many other poses scattered across the island. You can rez here so it’s easy to use your own poses. Visit the long-established Fotoshop – full of scripted photographic accessories and a variety of other items. And most important – take GREAT pics!


The island has an Intan system with dance bases all over the island! The SkyDuet is a ‘heavenly’ place to dance and you can give your dance partner a rose! You won’t have to look too hard to find many cuddle poses all over the island. As we are a moderate sim there are no ‘adult’ poses!


Float in space and risk death in the Freefall – an 8 minute long extravaganza of audio, animation and special effects for up to 8 avatars at a time!! This is one of SL’s most unique attractions and has been ridden over 240000 times! Fry a few braincells in the FoamDome, meet Oswald the Octopus at the Meditation Rock, sink in the Quicksand and lots more!!

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